HAZZA  SS 16 CAMAPAIGN  (14 of 21)


“Ashasieε” by Hazza basically in the Ghanaian local dialect means “The Beginning “The collection
pays homage to the beginning,the struggle of a mother and the strength and courage she has for her children to Succeed.) 

HAZZA  SS 16 CAMAPAIGN  (1 of 21)
The collection unfolds bearing witness to a love so potent that it couldn’t possibly exist in reality,because a mother’s love is Real. The beautiful and otherworldly nature of this tale is reflected in the prints, placed concept pockets that are strong and present features in this collection. The presence of the Desert colour is an ode , outlining the beginning of how the mother started.

HAZZA  SS 16 CAMAPAIGN  (13 of 21)
The Deepest ‘Forest ‘Green colour here ‘signifies her courage through it all . And also stands for balance, nature, and rebirth. It’s the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress.Crowning her glory and nature of her Love and desires for her children is the color White .Filled with little details; like the hand painted art work are there to impress upon us the nature and status ,and also love Mothers have for their children…

HAZZA  SS 16 CAMAPAIGN  (10 of 21)

Photography by  @iamasephua 
Models: @prince_tona @misjulee
@laurie_frempong @ekowbarnes_
Creative Directing: @hassanzazi
Hair/Mua : @afroface.mua / @hamidvijay’

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