Only few photographers among the masses in Africa loves to shoot models with typical dark skin and if they do ,it is later on photo shop to be lightened .The campaign for Creativity ,arts and black African beauty is the key of this young Female photographer.




Thandiwe Muriu is a self  taught Kenyan beauty and fashion photographer passionate about showcasing the diverse textures and tones that give beauty to faces of different social groups across the globe. Drawing from her fascination with facial structure, she incorporates the use bold colors, lighting and contrast to produce her distinct images.

Thandiwe_Muriu_Kenyan_Beauty_Photographer_2015_camo_2 (1)

Having been awarded Portraiture Photographer and Most Promising Young Photographer of the Year 2013 at the Kenya Photography Awards, she embarked on developing her signature photography style through various personal projects. This saw her land corporate clients such as Oriflame Sweden and have some of her personal projects featured on Make-Up Art Served on Behance.



As well as working on her personal work, Thandiwe also teaches photography workshops in the region.


Most Promising Young Photographer Of The Year 2013- Kenya Photography Awards
Portraiture Photographer Of The Year 2013- Kenya Photography Awards v

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