The Do’s And Don’ts For A Wedding Guest

The usual hustle of choosing the perfect out fit for a wedding you have been invited to is one most can relate to. You should note that you are not the focus of the event, you are a guest to the event so one should dress to fit the occasion . Here are some basic tips on how to choose just the right outfit as a guest to a wedding.

For daytime weddings black is not an option as it is a color and detail is best reserved for evening occasions. As a guest to a wedding, one should always take note other guests who might be present, these may include guests that are older, the families of the bride and groom. Out of respect for the occasion and those closest to the couple, overly sexy, low-cut, revealing or high-hemmed outfits should be avoided. If the invite does not give a dress code, use your best judgment.

A cocktail dress, little black dress or even a full-length jumpsuit will work just about anywhere. High heeled pumps or sandals are always a good bet as well. Your shoes have the ability to dress your look way up or way down, so choose a pair of shoes based on the formality of your dress and you’ll achieve the right balance. 

Carry a small clutch or a small cross-body bag. Irrespective of the time and place jeans or shorts are never appropriate. This is a special occasion and often a religious ceremony, so show respect for the couple by putting in some effort. The venue, time and place of the ceremony can give you so many clues as to how to choose what to wear.
For men, dressing for weddings isn’t particularly difficult. ]

A suit and tie will be most appropriate for any wedding. If the wedding is strictly black tie, stick to a traditional tuxedo .A black bowtie and polished black dress shoes are a must. Unless it is a black tie or formal wedding, a navy blue suit is the most tasteful and appropriate option there is

A white shirt and tastefully patterned tie will work for any occasion.  Accessories to fit the occasion don’t be afraid to add a pocket square or unique cufflinks to add some personality to your look.



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