It’s often said that People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen  to them .They went out and happened to things ..Scrolling through my timeline on Instagram when my eyes were attire to a collection that was vintage ,well detailed and far from the normal … JEFFERY KYEI ASANTE ,Fashion Designer and Stylist in New York .born and raised in Bronx in the united states of America to a Ghanaian parents .he was opportune to have his tertiary education in University Of Biology And Medicine to be trained as a dentist .



His life had a twist of reality after his university Education when he decided to Pursue  his love and passion for fashion and art  since he was gifted with that .Making this great diversity , His  mum  supported him through this career path .Talking about a young man who has intentions to expand his art ,he said “ I made a quick trip to Ghana after 13 years without any preparation but just to examine the fashion scene in Ghana. During my stay in Ghana i had the opportunity to work with some great models in the industry and attended a fashion show for a girls to  school support  in Ghana “  to him ,having to work in his mother land Ghana was one of his great achievements in his career  .


During the interview ,he tried answering his questions in twi( local language in Ghana)  ‘lol’but trust it didn’t go well .

As creative director of House of Merlot which started about  3 years ago ,He began creating   simple t-shirts which was well received  AND Vintage inspired designs  . Holding on to a lot of memories that inspires my vintage designs that flows through my work .Having things from the 70s or 80s inspires my designs  and that set a tone for my lacy designs which  intrigues me . Lot of outfit that i design or collect around the world have the vintage theme.

tumblr_inline_ny0xmvaHnU1spcbxx_1280His personal style he explained as Europe mixed with new york style .”I’m a chameleon and can fit into anything .











When asked how he imagines   the Ghanaian fashion industry  in 5 years he said  “ Ghana will be the hub of west African fashion and i want to be there and also get involve in it . “expressed how Ghanaians should creative enough to design clothing relating to their background without duplicating the European style and also to see a few boutique in new york, Paris, Ghana to stock exclusivity from HOUSE OF MERLOT

Being a part of debonair Africa April issue “is actually a blessing and i want to thank the team for this opportunity “




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