Kids Fashion : How A Mother Turned Her Passion Into An Online Kids Clothing shop



Jasmine Walker-Omoyele ,mother of two and an entrepreneur inspires us with some lovely outfits with a touch of African prints purposely in line with kids. An MBA holder who developed the passion after conceiving has paved way for her as a lifetime entity as well as the creation of jobs for private individuals.

The clothing line popularly known as king + lola has in stock costumes of all kinds for babies as well as accessories and  gifts items for baby showers all in one place. Why not save yourself the trouble of roaming around all in search of costumes and accessories you can find in one place?

With the target and goal she is driving her fabrics are sorted for all over the world and costumes which come in less quantity are produced in the United States.

However King +lola is a charitable firm aimed at giving back to society with its main target audience being mothers who are combining family life with work as well as making the world a better place to live in.


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