Kente Inspire Swimsuit By Chelle

As a Ghanaian girl who loves swimming , very recently I went swimming at one of Ghana’s finest hotel (kempenski )and I had an epiphany on  using Java prints locally known as “African fabric ” for my designs .Basically I have had a passion for fashion,always ready to take risks and my love for our locally manufactured fabrics made me come about with these designs .
28c629a7-5ae0-4f64-8bd5-077a8abcb9b5CHELLE’S is an independent brand  based out of Accra,Ghana that offers quality designs which represents Africa’s culture and is for creative edgy people everywhere . Every product of Chelle’s incorporates our unique vision ,style and attitude . What makes our brand unique is  our cultural touch to foreign designs . By combining innovative design with quality apparel ,Chelle’s strives to create a classic , timeless clothing .
   Chelle’s was born when she got inspired by our traditions and culture ,A lot of women feel uneasy about wearing bikinis because it is said to be unacceptable in our community .. But hey ! Chelle’s designs are swim suites for women to embrace their size and stand up for themselves with their strong feminine power .
Chelle’s is always ready to try something new and ready to take fashion risks . I love what I do and I am giving it my best . It saddens me because just slim girls keep patronizing my designs , because initially I started off by making these for myself and I am not skinny ,I am plus sized 
 My designs can be notable by the strings which go around girls waist to look like a cross. 
Art! Is one word to describe Chelle’s because to me fashion is creativity and creativity is art !
If you are  down with Africa , your down with Chelle’s !
Tel- +233 20 941 2192
        +1 347 755 5650
Instagram – @chelles___ (3 underscores)
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