Nzuri Malkia By Iju Asonibe

This is the first batch
Nzuri Malkia is a story about about a beautiful African Woman who has come into rest in herself.
She’d a strong beautiful woman. She’s everything she was made to be.
Nzuri Malkia expresses a woman who is confident in the reality of her being and her maker.


The editorial was photographed and styled by me Iju Asonibe of N.J.C  and I was also the creative director (@njcworks on instagram)

The model is Danielle Spencer Cavannaugh of pages models (@cavannaugh_s on instagram)

The Makeup artist is Konyinsola Tychus  (@facesbytychus on instagram)

And the outfits are from the brand “Vathiswa by Keji  (@vathiswabykeji on instagram).

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