Well, it’s that season again the REDITINE  season or should we say RELATE  season? Well HAPPY VALS  SEASON. I know we  all got plans you know, the shortage of the  Gels  And The  Fifty  Shades  Materials say a lot. So lets put some  value on the BIG V


COMMUNICATION  is the most important thing in a lit sexual life or moment. Share deep conversations before sex and get to know each other’s preferences and dislikes as well as talking about their lit moments during sex and the WTF  moments. Talk about their fantasies or fetishes get as wild as possible with fantasies bear in mind, not all fetishes are necessarily ever done. Most fetishes act as fuel for you to have a great orgasm and after you are just there like wow what was I thinking. Its always advisable to do it before the undressing deal.

Talk about undressing trust me you would know which syllabus to follow from the communication. Some like the gentle slow kinda undressing call is kinky call us fifty shades darker most people rather prefer the be all around my body controlling it like you created this masterpiece.


Get yourself in the mood nothing contributes to a good sex and a likely orgasmic climax than being all up for it and into it. Ever heard of the saying keep your eyes on the prize? Well, you might want to not just keep your eyes on the prize but your physical, mental and even sometimes emotional self on it if need be. Sometimes no matter how weak your MAIN game is if you are a pro with eye contact you can keep going for a long time.


You should be confident about yourself and your game. Being self-confident enhances your performance. Don’t be worried about the size of your penis whether it’s too long or too short, whether your boobs are too small or your bj skills is wack. Use whatever you have to your advantage pick up your phone and find out how long P’s slide in well and how to operate.  Spice things up when you get on your knees to give a bj. Tighten your boobs handling skills and your smacking talent. No matter what your confident affects your performance don’t let this season be one of those times.

Everyone loves to be eaten out very well be it bj or licking of the clit so try your best to avoid food that burns example pepper as well as those with an unfriendly smell. Trying to avoid the smell from your partner’s mouth is very uncomfortable and not good for great sex. Trust me no matter how good the licking game is you can’t enjoy with pepper and ginger down there.



Explore each other’s bodies and new positions what are you waiting for invent a new position and we will call it whatever just like mama zombie. It’s the perfect time to try what you saw in the last movie date or you could even watch a nice erotic movie while at it and what your knowledge of what your partner like pick a thing or two and make it your own. Listen and read each reaction what touch or squeeze creates on the body of your partner.



Modern when it get to you and ruins praises on your partner when they get it right. Depending what your partner prefers you can keep great conversations and small dirty talks during sex.

Now with this, i bet you having a good time taking and receiving like yes!! What’s my name?!! the omG don’t forget to take your time while at it and make sure to keep the pleasure intensified all through so it lasts long.

Finally always organise for a great dessert mostly something very light and preferably your favourite snacks take a shower together and have a good nap body to body.



Okay now, this is like my vals gift to you guys thank me for making sure you have a great orgasm.

Get some gel preferably the flavour you both love. It can help when the licking and bj don’t get you and keep you wet all throughout. It will prevent cuts that could have caused that pain and pleasure sensation.

Make sure you do a little exercise daily if you want to have the stamina to go multiple rounds with multiple orgasms. It will help you Nama Cinta give a good ride and for long as well as paper to it helps them keep the shooting behind the doggy lit. Practice safe sex remembers the lady you are carelessly eating out like myself eating blackcurrant has been riding another who bangs another who does another till the one with the infection. We need you alive and well be safe during this season. A one night stand is okay more perfect with a condom or get tested and be honest with each other.


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