Thrift shopping (buying second-hand clothes) can seem like a daunting task when you don’t know how to go about choosing pieces that fit you and your style preferences. Aside from budgeting and knowing places that offer good quality clothes at a fair price, there are style elements you can incorporate into your thrift shopping process to give you greater satisfaction from choosing clothes you actually like. 

Here are a few ways to select the best thrift pieces for you.

Know your personal style.

 A personal style can help move forward your fashion choices more efficiently. Getting to know yourself more brings you the data needed to discover what style fits your personality and lifestyle. It’s a good idea to define your style first in order to avoid buying things you might not want to wear. Because of the variety of items and their low prices, you’re able to try things you might love and keep for a while.

Have a mood board but an open mind.

Narrow down your options by making a visual collage of things you want to buy via a Pinterest board while being open minded because the probability of you getting it is low. It helps you visualize what needs to be purchased if it suits your style, but if the thrift store doesn’t have it, you can always improvise from what you find.

Go slow when shopping.

When shopping secondhand, you’ll need to employ a critical eye. It’s best to thrift when you have nothing to do so you can take your time and examine every item carefully for stains, holes, missing buttons, and broken zippers. Check for strong seams and if the material is worn thin in places. Look for upcycling alternatives or have it repaired if any of the above is found.

Explore other gender sections.

The men’s, women’s, and children’s pile is somewhat underrated for finding gems you won’t find in your gender-specific section. While thrifting take a good look through these sections/piles for pieces you can make work.

Thrift on new arrival days.

One of the best pieces of thrifting advice you’ll ever receive is to thrift on new arrival days. Make a note of and mark out the days your local thrift shop has new stuff, block out some time on your schedule for it, and treat it like you would a spa day.

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