Denim fabric is one of the few things in life that actually looks and feels better as it ages. And, unlike other textiles, denim never falls out of fashion. I love the feel of denim. I’ve had lots of denim clothes packed up in my wardrobe and no matter how many shades of blue denim I got, I still felt they looked kinda the same.

So I came up with a way to make denim outfits look more stylish to suit the African taste. Well, we wear African prints here in Ghana almost all the time so why don’t I just fuse it with the denim fabric? Hence I came up with the styling collection, “Denim meets Ankara”. I used the latest denim trend which is the raw denim; jeans which has not been washed or treated with chemicals. They are virgin fabric that comes directly from the loom.

These denims though stiff initially, expand later and conform to the wearers body becoming unique to the users shape. I got beautiful and colorful African prints from Ankara shops, pieces from tailors. GIVE YOUR DENIM A LIFE!

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