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6 ways to Bring your Afro to Life

6 ways to Bring your Afro to Life



  1. Finger Coils

The process involves nothing but a great curl cream, preferably a hydrating one, and your fingers. Easy peasy! It’s definitely one of the best ways to train your curls and enhance your “from birth texture”.


  1. Bantu Knots

They may take a little practice if you’ve never tried them before, but bantu knots can create some of the most luxe curls. Feel free to keep them on for a few days prior to the take-down for an edgy natural style.


  1. Flexible Rods

Available in a range of sizes, flexible rods form around hair with ease. They can be dry, stretched hair, but using damp tresses works just as well. Leave them on overnight and pick hair out in the morning for a head-turning ‘do.


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  1. Perm Rod Set

For a big hair, make perm rods your go-to stylers. They create the smoothest-looking curl. When done on damp hair, just be sure to let them dry completely before the take-down (I’ve learned from experience how terrible they come out when hair is left even the slightest bit damp).


  1. Two-Strand Twists

One of the easiest methods for even natural hair all-over curls comes with using two-strand twists. For more definition, finger coil the ends of twists or secure it with a small flexi rod. “Pineapple” the hairdo overnight with a silk scarf and it’ll surely last for days.

  1. Flat TwistsSlightly more advanced than the two-strand method, but still doable, are flat twists. They use a pseudo cornrow braiding technique that gives naturalistas definition at the root, too. Just keep in mind that they will require patience and practice if you’ve never tried this type of styling.
    1. Braid Out

    A braid out can be done in two ways: using free-hanging plaits (similar to a twist out) or corn rows if your braiding skills are up to par. Either way, you’ll end up with a very defined look.

    PS: these styling tips work best on texturized afros.

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