Abidjan To Host Its First Fashion Week

Fashion Week is a concept that exists in many capitals around the world. Fashion week is a space for creativity and promotion of fashion and craftsmanship.

One of the fashion capitals of Africa, Abidjan, will host its very first fashion week from December 05 to 10, 2023. Abidjan’s first fashion week is supported by Côte d’Ivoire’s Ministry of Culture

Abidjan is a host of renowned fashion creators & designers who are exporting African fashion to the world. It is right that Elie Kuame initiates La Fashion Week Abidjan (#LFWA). 

Abidjan To Host Its First Fashion Week Elie Kuame

Abidjan’s Fashion Week aims to bring together key players in the industry in West Africa in order to stimulate exchanges and foster collaboration around topics and strategic issues related to the luxury sector in Africa. 

It also aims to raise awareness among public authorities and investors on the importance of promoting and supporting the fashion industry in African countries. With this in mind, LFWA will introduce the “BORN IN AFRICA” label to promote African craftsmen and their unique creations.

Elie Kuame, founder of the Elie Kuame Couture

In terms of fashion, Abidjan fully deserves its place. Côte d’Ivoire has always distinguished itself by the dynamism and prestige of its creators. But today, it is essential to bring together skills and share knowledge in order to redefine the Ivorian creative industries in a factual way.” 

Abidjan To Host Its First Fashion Week Elie Kuame

The importance of this event is not limited to the “creative” aspect but also relates to its contribution to the growth and structuring of an industry that brings economic development and financial stability to its players.

Appointments are made from December 05 to 10, 2023, to vibrate to the rhythm of African fashion and creativity.