Chioma Nnadi to head British Vogue

Chioma Nnadi, fashion writer and podcaster, has been appointed as British Vogue’s new head of editorial content. Nnadi will take over as the first black woman editor-in-chief of the renowned fashion publication, which has stores in the US, France, and Italy.

Her recent appointment as editor of placed her in charge of the website’s online coverage of important occasions like the Met Gala. 

She expressed being “beyond excited and honored” to succeed Edward Enninful.

Nnadi said in a statement that the vitality of London, together with its boundary-pushing fashion and creative environment, “has shaped the way I look at the worldNow, more than ever, it feels like a moment to look beyond borders while also celebrating the broad scope of what it means to be British.”

Nnadi has worked as a writer and news director for Vogue for the past 13 years. Her most recent cover stories have included celebrities like Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Erykah Badu.

I’m looking forward to engaging a loyal and inspired digital community,” she continued, “that is energized by our access, point of view, and storytelling.”

Enninful announced to leave his position at the leading fashion magazine in June after six years of pushing the envelope there. Enninful will continue to serve as an editorial advisor to the UK publication but will start a new position geared at expanding the brand internationally the following year. 

He will be able to accept ideas from outside sources thanks to his new role as Vogue’s worldwide creative and cultural consultant. He was happy that “a brilliant and unique talent with real vision, who will take the publication to ever greater heights” was named as his successor. 

Before going to New York to write for the independent style magazine Trace, Nnadi started her career on the features desk of the Evening Standard Magazine. Before joining Vogue in 2010, she covered fashion and its connections to music for Fader. Her new position will start on October 9.


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