Daniel Obasi Named the New Art Director of BLOKE

The Nigerian fashion house, BLOKE, has named photographer Daniel Obasi as its new Art Director. 

Founded by Faith Oluwajimi in 2015, Bloke seeks to continually explore the possibilities of creating ethically made garments that champion the values of inclusivity and collaboration. The brand is also known for forging a new path of cultural exploration with avant-garde approach to textiles and knitwear. 

After 8 years, Faith Oluwajimi will be stepping down as the brand’s art director. This makes way for Daniel Obasi to join the Bloke team. Aside from being a known photographer, Obasi is an art director as well as a stylist, based in Lagos. 

He has worked with several notable global brands, including GQ France, Atmos, Vogue, Dazed, etc. He is an artist that is deeply concerned with advancing the scope of African narratives that explores subject matters like sexuality, masculinity, beauty, cultural symbolism, Afrocentric fantasy, and human relations all subject matters which coincide with our ethos as a label. 

Obasi will work in a collaborative synergy with BLOKE’s creative director, Faith Oluwajimi in an effort to spearhead a new frontier of our quest of communicating a progressive global company with firm roots in Africa.

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