In the past, it was a struggle to find the right shade of foundation for yourself, or have you met this age where a myriad of foundation shades are available to all? Regardless of the era you encountered, there has been a revolutionary shift in the beauty industry. Since 2015, Ghana’s go-to brand, Evita Joseph, has designed and produced world-class beauty and makeup products for the African market, leaving a positive impact on the sector through its commitment to making an extraordinary contribution. In a recent collaboration with beauty influencer Jes Iscah, the brand released The Lady Collection, which includes an eyeshadow palette, loose eye pigments, and hand-poured candles by her candle brand ByJes Iscah. These two companies collaborated to bring a fresh perspective to Ghana’s beauty industry through this collaboration.

How did the collaboration come about?

Well, one afternoon in 2018, I had a date with Evita at the Evita Joseph HQ where we usually enjoy a special in-house fried yam and grilled salmon with pepper. It tastes so good you can’t resist it sigh lol. As we enjoyed our meal, we talked about the beauty industry and identified a gap between the professional makeup artist and the everyday woman who loves to simply look good or glam up. We realized that there are so many eyeshadow palettes in stores from brands outside Ghana, with about 20-35 colorful shades in one palette. This type of palette could be used by a professional but for the everyday woman who just needs a quick fix that palette ends up confusing her and not being used. We said to ourselves, then why not collaborate and create a palette that can easily be used by any lady when she picks it up. Add a mirror to the palette, make it handy enough to easily fit into her handbag, and just simplify the act of looking good and glamming up for women. A light bulb went off in our heads, we started screaming; yes yes yes, let’s do this. A palette from Two Ghanaian women; Beauty brand Evita Joseph and a Beauty Content Creator Jes Iscah, both with a makeup artistry background, it was a match made in heaven. The ideas just started rolling in. We wanted to create something that was in line with the vision of the Evita Joseph brand, whiles representing what the Jes Iscah brand also stood for which is minimalist, simple yet glamorous.  We actually started off with a 12 pan eyeshadow concept but as we developed the idea, we ended up coming up with an entire collection which includes a 15 pan eyeshadow palette plus 3 eye pigments. We also add a limited edition mini scented candle from my brand Jes Iscah to the Pr box. And here we are … 

What is the inspiration behind the choice of colors for the palette?

As I mentioned earlier, we wanted the collection to be minimalistic, simple yet glamorous which also represents perfectly who the everyday lady is; your mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, and colleagues. We chose colors that would be used on a daily basis. Colors that could be worn during the day to work/meetings, events, brunch/lunch, and could easily be switched to evening looks such as date nights, dinners, and parties. And what better shades than neutrals, browns, reds, burgundy, oranges, rose gold, gold, greens, and a touch of black. 

What is the key takeaway experience you want anyone who owns the palette to have?

You don’t have to be an expert or professional to Create a simple/glamorous eye makeup look. We’ve made it easier for you. All you need is just one shade or two or even three eyeshadow shades in the palette to create beautiful and wearable eye makeup. Also, remember that nothing is impossible with God.

If I, Lady Jessica Owusu-Ansah, could create an entire collection with a brand like Evita Joseph, just know that you can do anything you put your mind and heart into. Do the work and leave the rest to God, and watch it manifest. 

Evita Joseph x Jes Iscah

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