For the journey ahead, I pray for the heart to love, the will to do good, the memory to remember those who showed me kindness, the strength to endure through hardship, the merciful nature to show kindness, the faith to believe, the tongue to be grateful and the grace to fulfill my purpose- Mclean”

Today may be an ordinary day to many of you. But today to us marks the birthday of a legend in the making, a man of class, fashion and most importantly style, Mclean 

What makes this model unique is that, he combines story telling with his art form. “Railways and Sunsets,” the model tells his story pictorially on the end to his lonely walk to a better place. With a perfectly trimmed body fitting well in a black suit, this story couldn’t have been any better.

Happy birthday to this amazing style editor, fashion blogger, model, poet and a wonderful addition to the debonairafrik.com family. Keep doing what you do best. Be outstanding, be the best, be incredible  and nothing less.


Model: Joseph Mclean-Arthur

Photographed by: Iris Photography

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