This is Julee.

 Julee is a happy girl and a model.

 Julee works hard and hence has a lot of fun during summer.

Julee is smart.

 Be Like Julee.

Now this is a perfect intro for the cover girl of our July issue. She is the ravishing Julee Bocoum, the self-managed Lome born beauty who is slowly making her way as an international model.

According to most people with exciting careers, they don’t choose that line of work. As cliché as it sounds, the path chooses them. That was it for this gorgeous top notch model who had wanted to be a lawyer for as long as she could remember. The tables turned for her as a friend convinced her to go for a modelling training session at Exopa. And that was all she needed to be called into the glamourous livelihood of a world class model. According to her, what interested her most was the fact that she met new people and was in new places all the time. So she has since been drunk in love with every moment she has embraced the model life.

“I transitioned into it, I loved it and I have never regretted.”


Like every young growing woman, she looked up to so many people who inspired her to be a well-rounded person. Some of who were not even the fashion industry.  Based on what learnt from them, she has learned to improve herself in other areas which include the business aspect of fashion as well as personal development.

In her career at the moment, she is in the process of being like her role models she has always looked up to. She may not be there yet but she is not too far off from achieving what they have achieved. She has also developed an acquired taste for every bit of their fun loving lives and their taste for the best.

“Summer to me is synonymous to fun so no matter the weather or season you can have a glimpse of summer in your in life.”

DEBONAir afrik july issue 2

The pressures of modelling are overwhelming sometimes. What really gets her through those moments are her support system of family and of course the vacations she so enjoys. It’s summer in all the places that matter in the world of fashion. So it wouldn’t be too wrong if we called this confusing weather we are experiencing summer as well. To Julee, summer is the time to meet friends that she hasn’t seen for a while. She eats, drinks and makes merry with them the entire time, to while away the summer. If you ever heard her talk, she stresses so much on the word ‘fun’ which led to the realization that she is just like a typical A-listed model and in the words of Akon and David Guetta…“A party animal.”

“Fun Fact: This party animal has a degree in Software Engineering and a certificate in Marketing Management”


We weren’t utterly surprised with the response we got from Julee when we asked what she’d do if she had a million dollars. The first itinerary on her list was to go for a summer vacation to clear her mind from the stress of the model life and “Escape the dumsor.” For a model you would have guessed the popular locations such as Milan, Dubai, Paris, Barcelona or Miami would come to mind. But to our uttermost surprise, the chosen destination that popped up for her was Japan. Her choice was influenced by her love for their unique sense of art. When asked why she passed on the popular summer destinations, she confessed with a response similar to the famous cliché “Been there, done that.”

Milan, Paris, Lisbon……Been there, done that.


Modelling has taken her all over to places such as Italy, Holland, Portugal, most parts of the exciting continent of Africa. Also, she has featured in magazines in Asia and other exotic locations. So to those of you thinking modelling isn’t a dream job wake up and smell the coffee.

When asked of her local alternative, she chose the coastal town of Ada to be the desired location for her perfect summer vacation. She had clearly mapped out the specific areas she wanted to be seen at. In her words, “By the river all the way to aqua safari.”

Her list of three summer essentials includes crazy friends (other models), drinks and a good camera. Surprising she didn’t mention anything about clothes. And when I asked, she retorted “I don’t think I will need them *wink*.” But once again she is a model so nothing will be out of reach.

6 years in the modelling industry and she celebrates her achievements every day. For this full-time model who is trying to diversify her brand to include the business aspect of the industry, she is launching her clothing like in August which is round the corner.

“I am pretty excited about it because it’s my first business venture.”


She also has the modeling workshop dubbed “Workshop with Julee.” This is her way of strengthening the industry to produce top-notch models like herself.  Later this summer, events you should watch out for which will feature Julee include Fashion show in Italy, here in Ghana Accra fashion week. And she is modelling. All of which are highlights of her summer.

Beauty tip for this summer: Drink a lot of water to stay refreshed and hydrated. Throw in a routine of exercises to keep that body tight and the summer will be divine.


Favorite item:                       Phone

Bikini/monokini:                 Bikini

Clear eye wears or shades: Shades

Beach or pool:                        Beach


Julee is more like a sister to me. We connected on so many levels from the first day we met on a fashion set. We are the kind of friends who do not need to talk or see each other every minute or day but whenever we do, it always seems like there has been no gap in time. Knowing her has and still remains worth my while. She has been there for me in so many ways than she ever imagines and I love her childish yet assertive and intelligent nature. With regards to work, I am yet to meet a more punctual, determined, evolving and self-sacrificing model-now-turned super model. Miss Julee’s patience and principles runs through all aspects of her life and I must say I am proud to be called her friend. She is simply adorable and a lady of class.- Josie Dickson




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