Modern Day Mom: Vanessa Gyan

Life as a media personality is fast-paced and as competitive as it can get. It is an even difficult sea to navigate as a woman coupled with motherhood.

This makes it refreshing to find a female media personality who has been able to navigate the delicate intricacies of motherhood and has been able to carve a distinctive path for herself in the competitive media world.

One of such media personalities is Vanessa Gyan. In a candid interview, she opens up about how she has been able to balance the delicate art of motherhood whiles maintaining a thriving career in the media industry.

Vanessa Gyan: The Modern Day Mom Mastering the Art of Balancing Motherhood and Media Success

She gave her reflection on how motherhood has had one of the biggest impacts on her life. “Motherhood has made me more intentional about life in general. Intentional about my time, intentional about who takes up my time, and intentional about who [are] in my immediate circle. I’m much more protective of my life in general, whether it’s my career, my personal life, my public life”.

To effectively balance her career and motherhood, Vanessa emphasizes the importance of having and following a strict schedule. By avoiding overwhelming commitments and resisting last-minute additions, she adeptly manages both roles as a mother and a media personality.


Vanessa Gyan’s fascination with the media industry started at a young age, inspired by iconic figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Ricky Lake, and Angie Martinez. Their influence sparked her love for the media, paving the way for her successful career.

Despite her increasing recognition in the media space, Vanessa remains humble, cherishing her privacy. The most rewarding aspect of her career lies in the creative freedom she enjoys. Having built her own table, she revels in the ability to lead and express herself without limitations.


Some of the most rewarding aspects of my career, I think for me, it’s just really being able to do what I love and to do it so freely, especially with modern-day mom and sincerely V and the post pregnancy, boujie express, our modern day mom brunches, now our podcast, just being able to have built my own table and be the head of the table and really just, it’s such a rewarding feeling, knowing that these 15 years have all led up to what is now, which I feel like is still just the beginning. But to be able to be so creative and my creativity just flow in everything that I do, no restrictions, that for me is the most rewarding”.


While Vanessa adeptly juggles her roles as a mother and a media personality, she acknowledges that sacrifices have been made when motherly duties overlap with work commitments. She constantly remembers the mommy guilt she experienced when she was unable to accompany her son to school and pick him up after.

Each day presents its own challenges and she believes one has to be willing to “just have to take it and run with it”.

Vanessa Gyan - Debonair Afrik Magazine - August 2023

Surprisingly, Vanessa has received more praise than criticism regarding her parenting skills. Her genuine love and care for her children have resonated with others, leading to admiration and messages of support from fellow parents who constantly message her asking for her advice which she is really grateful for.

Reflecting on her relationship with her famous father, Kiki Gyan of the famous Osibisa Band, Vanessa fondly remembers his selflessness, talent, and creativity. His genuine love for her, despite not raising her plays a crucial role in shaping her own approach to motherhood.


Concluding, Vanessa Gyan shares valuable life lessons, emphasizing the significance of self-care. She believes that feeling good and looking good are intertwined, impacting not only her professional life but also her role as a mother and a media personality.

If you feel good, you look good, when you look good, you feel good. That is in general. Even professionally, if you’re looking good, you’re feeling good, you work better. At home, when you look good, you feel good, you’re a better mother, you’re a better wife, you’re a better friend”.

Vanessa Gyan: The Modern Day Mom Mastering the Art of Balancing Motherhood and Media Success
Vanessa Gyan



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