Posing With Purpose Series [1]

To pose is the art of assuming a particular position in order to be photographed, painted or drawn.
Anytime I get to work with models, most models especially the green models depend entirely on the direction of the photographer to attain the best of poses. Also, photographers try to get all the technicalities right so they also depend on the creativity of the model. But in this series, I will stress on the titbits for both model and photographer to attain the best and more effective poses that suit every occasion.

You are as creative as how much you know
In the early days of editorial modeling, models were made to memorize poses in order to reproduce those same poses. As a model, you can only reproduce a pose if only you have seen it before. During most photo shoots, models depend on the spontaneous poses that come as the shoot goes on, well that good as most people will argue it makes it more natural. But for the biggest budgeted photo where everyone present is paid by the hour, you can’t afford to waste time on useless poses that will waste memory space. Do you research on the concept of the photo-shoots before you get to the location?

Understand the Concept
Most models always come on set with little or no comprehension of what the shoot is all about. In Ghana, it is common to find the directors and photographers suggesting poses for the model which from my experience doesn’t yield the desired product. Poses either look of or they just don’t look natural.

• Listen
During the shoot models get to get lost in all the chaos on the set they lose focus on what they are supposed to do. It is important to listen to the directives given, it’s very irritating when models only hear the instructions given but don’t listen to them. The director or photographer is the one see the flaws of the pictures been taken hence issues out directives in order to get the best pictures.

There is no reason to give all the elegant poses and the wow poses if the model doesn’t make it look natural or looks stiff in them….. wow factor to a pose is if a model can pull it off effortlessly and make it look natural

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