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This past Thursday, July 8th, the second most anticipated creative event of Paris Fashion Week was about to take place. 

We were all excited and very impatient to attend this great milestone in the world of high fashion; both online and in-person for the lucky ones. 


But that was without counting the violent rain that fell on the state of New York-US for more than 36 hours. Determined not to miss this historic show, guests and fans showed up at the Villa Lewaro (the estate built by the pioneering self-made millionaire Madam CJ. Walker) and waited more than 3 hours under the rain with just an umbrella. Kerby Jean-Raymond, touched by the support of his community and totally overwhelmed by the situation, expressed himself: 

“It was definitely emotional, I was definitely flustered. Mostly I felt so bad for all the people who had flown in especially to be here. But I guess that’s how the universe works.” 

So due to the persistent bad weather, the brand and its organizing team had no choice other than to postpone their performance.


So it was finally on the following Saturday 10 July that the show took place. 


Previously, to the announcement of the participation of the brand “Pyer Moss” to the famous Paris Fashion week 2021 which ended last week, some expected a traditionally high fashion show. Others, familiar with the designer’s originality, knew that the show would be quite different from all the others. 

But no one was prepared for what the fashion world witnessed on Saturday. With the help of professional Hollywood costume designers, his goal was to make his creations look like Sesame Street and Pixar.  


Indeed, with his boundless creativity and well-known commitment to his community; the cradle of his inspiration, Kerby Jean-Raymond presented to the world an artistic ellipse, a tribute in honor to 25 modern inventions created by black people. 

Like Augustus Jackson, the inventor of the creamy, W.A. Deitz the inventor of the shoe, Henry Sampson the inventor of the cellular phone, Garrett Morgan the inventor of the traffic light; all inventions that we didn’t know were made by black inventors. 

And let’s not forget Madam C. J. Walker, the beauty mogul who become a millionaire through the sale of her hair products in the late 1800s – early 1900s.


And thanks to this highly creative, engaging, and educational show we had the opportunity to taste a whole new kind of art. 

 It was an engaged history class, with Pyer Moss as the teacher, and his classroom was the catwalk walked by his haute couture creations. 

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