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 Farouk James Prempeh popularly know As Farouk James is a 4 years old model and actor born to a Ghanaian father and  mother Bonnie  in London. The 4 years old  Londoner who loves reading, playing with Legos, and modeling…and he also happens to have this unbelievably glorious head of hair which everyone with natural hair seems to be dying for . According to Farouk James  mother Bonnie ,HE was born with dead straight hair but this only lasted for about 2 months; his father had instructed me that his hair must not be cut until he is 3 years old due to his Ghanaian culture. I agreed and respected his preference as it was his first born boy and I knew how much it meant to him, but to be honest I never expected Farouk’s hair to grow so long! I embraced his curls as soon as they sprouted through. I had a lot of time on my hands in his first 2 years of life (I hadn’t began university at the time). I love grooming his hair and we very rarely experience tears. In fact, my sister–whose children are white–cry more when their hair is combed! I find the whole hair care experience a positive bonding and nurturing one, second to breast feeding.

James landed his first modeling job when he was only nine months old, and since his mother Bonnie started his Instagram two years ago, He has already attracted over 115,000 followers on instagram

But little Farouk’s confidence and charm are the real MVPs here, making friends and warming hearts everywhere his lush curls take him but we are not only crushing on his curly hair but also his personal style . Farouk seems to have ideas of his personal clothing choice. It’s usually between a suit and tie or a superhero outfit, and because bonnie strongly believe in self-expression, James is likely to get his own way within that regard within reason.

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Have A Lot Of Energy And I Like Making People Laugh. Mummy Says I’m Hilarious!


He was spotted this year at the  London fashion  week riding in a blanc customized Range Rover with swavroski  stones and rocking  a Dolcegabbana suit  that got the attention of most fashion bloggers ,fashion enthusiasts and photographers .THIS YOUNG DANDY SEEMS TO BE LIVING THE HOLLYWOOD DREAM JUST AT THE AGE OF 4.







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