The Boy Likes Ribbons

“In my own crazy mind space, I wanted to create my own ideal dorm room”

No one can predict what goes on in the mind of an artist unless you think like him.

Papa Oppong’s SS19 collection ‘The Boy Likes Ribbons’ came to life at the Birkenstock flagship store in Accra. The collection marks a new beginning for the designer’s alternative brand, and featured garments with stain art which were hand painted onto the pieces.

“The set up was, different and a good different very futuristic”

Papa Oppong sources his inspiration from an emotional era of his playful and innocent childhood where he played in adult polo shirts and stained with oil from school lunches. The setup is a reinvention of his definition of his dorm room back in High school.

Patrons and enthusiasts of the brand, were amazed and couldn’t help but admire the creative hard work of the set up. The simple, wearable, easy but artistic collection left us wondering what this designer can’t do. The collection expresses a sophisticated simplicity which makes sense when one chooses not to overthink things.

‘The collection is different, but a good different’, ‘the setup is futuristic, the splashes of paint was random which showed a repetitive pattern affiliated to the brand Papa Oppong’. These were some comments from those who attended the exhibition.

Among those attended, Ghana’s sensation singer Efya along with Manifest and Deborah Vanessa graced the occasion.


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