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Rolling off the mountain was not a choice getting back up was.  As a little kid, the composition of art made meaning to me. It all began when I was only five years younger than a decade, a film marketer chose me to act in a movie. At that time, Nollywood was not an admirable picture as it is now. After the movie, few marketers/scouts approached me with promises.

At age eight I finally yielded to the whining of a marketer, embark on a journey to Lagos and venture fully into the world of Movies. I left Port-Harcourt for Lagos on a night bus, the journey was not only tiresome but the little money I had with me made me feel discouraged already. I ran many thoughts like folded mountains into one, was it a journey to fulfill my dreams or otherwise.  The supposed marketer who had lured me to Lagos in pursuit of my dream compounded my earlier problems by switching off his mobile phone. Just like every other boy, I became scared, I was little and unfamiliar with the urban city called Lagos. I wandered around Ojuelegba Bridge being the final stop for all passengers. I was unsettled, confronted with what to do and where to go, I shook my head in regret. It was a fresh memory, I could still remember the danger of the night, I slept in the midst of some Mallams and hoodlums under the bridge of Masha and the nightmare I was confronted with eloped even.

It was the same as it were last night, I wandered, asked questions about WINNY’S  hotel and National theatre which I eventually found. I was told that’s where actors stay. I became friends with a lady who liked me and became “House Squatter”. My wardrobe was everywhere, I wrestle the mud vying a place in the industry, acting in movies, and also went for auditions, events which was another confrontation with reality.

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

― Barack Obama

I met with Heavy Metal who was introduced to me by someone I met in a studio, there I developed my passion for music. I wrote and record songs. Honing my music talents was best for me, it was a cure against the disastrous event I confronted coming to Lagos. Phat E took interest in my work, I released a debut single “Ifeoma”. It was accepted by many people because of its groovy and rocky feel. Followed it with “My Girl”  ft General Pype and the video was directed by AK1 which enjoyed massive airplay. That was the break I needed to get a classy network of people. Did one last single “Hungry-man”.  At that period I was already a P.R for few artists in the industry. My dreams broke out of the shell, I grabbed opportunities to work with celebrities, styling and also serve as a Publicist to few.

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I’m grateful to God and life itself for throwing me into the boot camp called Lagos. Where men are drilled and women are great hustlers. To follow up on my dream as Nollywood topnotch actor and producer, wrote and produced a story titled “Lotanna”. Since inception of this Movie, I have around me resilient team that are willing to go at the other edge of the mountain for the movie to be  successful. And few people caught an interest in it by dishing out their supports for a topnotch production.   Working with Liz Benson was quite challenging because she is too professional for amateurs, so we get priorities right.

Nollywood is now a big whale in a pool called Nigeria, investors should take the whale out into the ocean where it belongs. Then we can have the best of works become the best of arts.  Still on Lotanna, Nollywood movie is not a secondary school play you make in one abandoned classroom; it has to be the best and to make a better production. You must work with the best in the industry. Lotanna will be out this year…. #ANTICIPATE. This is not a movie but my story, the nightmare I am confronted with the very first day I arrived in Lagos. There are thousands of stories out there that can serve as inspiration to upcoming actors, actress, musicians, and any artist. Whenever life shows up, just chew it like a loaf of broad. What matter in the end, is the end of the result, which is nothing but success. 

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