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Top Tips for Staying Fresh in the Sky with Emirates

Top Tips for Staying Fresh in the Sky with Emirates




By Akosua Otu (Emirates Cabin Crew)


The Emirates Cabin Crew team is a cosmopolitan mix of young professionals from over 130 countries. As the faces of the Emirates brand, these men and women exude elegance and maintain the appearance of effortless glamour.


Check out these top tips on how to stay fresh and beautiful when you travel too:


Tip #1: Choose light tones


Make-up changes its appearance when viewed under aircraft lighting. Try to avoid darker shades of eye and face make-up as these can create the look of tiredness while in the air. Instead, opt for rosy, peachy or pinky tones to draw attention away from tired skin and eyes. Try also to avoid bronzers – they tend to be thicker than other face or foundation powders, which means they can clog your pores if worn for a long time. 


Tip #2: Stay Hydrated 


It’s important to keep skin hydrated from the inside and out. Remember to drink lots of water and avoid food and beverages that may dehydrate the skin while flying. Many of our Emirates crew use a hydrating spray during a flight – these products can be applied over make-up and give skin an instant boost of freshness. It’s also good to travel with a hydrating eye gel which can be applied to tired eyes during a long flight. 


Tip #3: Protect your lips


The lips are often the first part of the face to appear dry when flying. Red lipstick is part of the Emirates’ signature look, butsome lipsticks can dry the skin even further. Exfoliating lips prevents them from appearing cracked under lipstick. Also try applying balm under the colour to ensure lips remain moist and lipstick stays fresh throughout your journey. 


Tip #4: Easy on the eyes


We all love our eyeliner, and it’s a great way to open up the eye. When you’re tired, though, lining your bottom lid can make dark circles look even darker. The Emirates crew recommend applying eyeliner to the top of the eye only, to create a fresh, “eyes-wide-open” appearance. Also avoid waterproof mascara at all costs – it tends to dry out lashes much faster than the regular kind. 


Tip #5: Touch up

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Depending on the length of the flight, Emirates crew will re-apply make-up one to two times on a journey. Frequent use of a hydration spray stops these touch-ups from looking cakey. Taking the time to put your makeup on properly goes a long way as well: if you carefully apply a good base and foundation, you will need fewer touch ups throughout the day.

About Akosua Otu


My name is Akosua Otu, born in Accra and from Kumasi, I have been working with Emirates for over two and a half years as a cabin crew – operating in Economy Class. What keeps me driven being a cabin crew with Emirates is the in a multicultural environment which gives me the opportunity to interact with other people from different backgrounds and cultures as well as the passengers I meet on our flights, and the stories that they share, which is a great learning for me and helps build character. 


Additionally, with our wide network the travel experience is exciting as I have been able to see cities that I never dreamt of.With only over two years working with Emirates, I already have a selection of my favourite destinations – Venice being my ultimate favourite. ‘The sinking city’ is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. It’s got romance, history, serene canals, and plenty of things to do such as gondola rides to St. Mark’s Square, museums, shops, the grand Pink Doge’s Palace, an astrological clock tower and many more.


As an Emirates cabin crew, I live in Dubai and love the modern architecture, skyscrapers and various gardens. We celebrate Ramadan, a Holy Month which is the time of the year Muslims fast until sunset, it’s a delightful period filled with culture, dining experiences and bringing together friends and families.

I love to cook and during my free time I organise dinners for friends influenced from my travel



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