Definition: Courageously Stylish and Charming
Debonair Afrik (DA) is an up and coming business by vibrant personalities  that offers stakeholders in the fashion industry;

About Debonair Afrik

Debonair Afrik is a Ghanaian based fashion media publication, which branches into fashion, lifestyle, publication, and events. The Brand was founded in 2014 by the editor-in-chief Nuel Bans, who is behind the success of the publication.
Debonair Afrik has positioned themselves as one of the dominating online new portals in Ghana.
Debonair Afrik distinguishes themselves with their unique neo-Africanism approach to the evolving fashion industry in Africa.
Debonair Afrik is highly acknowledged by a wide range of sub-Saharan countries and has worked with various celebrities.


Debonair Afrik Aims to be West Africa’s leading online fashion magazine. Our objective is to cover the void of relevant fashion news on the continent, primarily professionals but also other individuals. Debonair Afrik is extensively involved in neo-African fashion culture.
Debonair Afrik intent to set a new standard of online fashion publication in West Africa covering designers, models, stylist photographer, journalism/fashion blogging and the latest news of the fashion industry.

(Furthermore, Debonair Afrik wishes to be West Africa’s leading online and print fashion publication who has fully unified their online editorials and content on all online platforms and are soon to release a hard copy fashion publication edition.)
Our desire is for our readers to enjoy the articles & editorials for them to feel up-to-date with the latest fashion trends on the continent.

2.The fashion industry in West Africa is evolving.
Debonair Afrik aspires to be West Africa leading online fashion magazine. Debonair Afrik strives to cover the most up-to-date fashion news on the continent, covering: Fashion trends, models, designers, stylist/ focusing on discovering promising designers and other fashion creatives who are making themselves remarkable in promoting the neo-African fashion industry.
At Debonair Afrik, we believe that by acknowledging and promoting the fashion creatives behind the fashion industry in the continent is to deploy the most relevant fashion news to set a new standard in the African fashion industry.

3. Debonair Afrik aim is to start up an incubator that aims to a collaborative fashion incubator in West Africa that will foster collaboration between emerging designers and established designers in West Africa.The incubator will be an open format that will integrate and develop ideas and concepts of sustainability in the fashion industry