Using The Perfect Makeup Brushes

It goes without saying that a good artist is nothing without their tools. The best brushes will render application effortless and optimize the performance of your makeup products to their full potential. Buff and blend your way to makeup perfection with the tools of the trade.

Foundation Brushes

Lending their dexterity to base products of any and every texture, from liquids and creams to solid compacts and loose powders, foundation brushes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your every need.



Blusher Brushes

Finding the perfect blush is easier than ever, but when it comes to the choosing the right brush, you’ll need the ultimate blender. Soft and plush, these brushes are designed to skim your face, swirling pigment over the apples of your cheeks for precision and just the right colour payoff.


Concealer Brushes

These brushes create a flawless look by getting straight to the point and going where fingers can’t – under eyes, around nostrils and over blemishes. Small and perfectly shaped for maximum control, when it comes to masking imperfections nothing else will give quite so good coverage.


Powder Brushes

An essential item for your makeup kit – whether you want a portable powder brush for your travels or a super-soft kabuki for all-over application, these brushes are designed for versatility. Featuring large, fluffy brush heads for diffused application and seamless, blending, the best powder brushes softly sweep the face for light, smooth application.


Highlighter Brushes

Apply highlights to any area you wish to draw attention to by draping shimmering pigments over the high points of the face with a highlighter brush. Soft and silky, these expertly crafted brushes are specifically designed with a low density of bristles in order to weightlessly deliver pigment for precision highlighting.


Shadow Brushes

A must-have for creating anything from a bright one-colour-wash to a dark smokey eye. Create the base for perfectly blended eye looks with these high-performance shadow brushes, designed to expertly sweep a sheer wash of colour across the lids.


Liner Brushes

The ultimate tools for smooth, precise, professional eyeliner application. These slim, fine-tipped brushes have just the right lengths and densities with which to wedge right into your lashes – delivering eye-popping definition in a single precise, firm stroke.


Makeup Sponges & Applicators

Designed to perfectly fit the contours of the face and blend makeup to a soft-focus airbrushed finish, these innovative makeup applicators fit into hard-to-reach areas for a streak-free natural-looking complexion. And not only do these high-tech sponges perform at the highest level, but they caress the skin upon first touch


Brow Brushes

Designed to lift and deposit just the right amount of product to enhance and sculpt your arches, these brushes can be used to fill in sparse areas, extend and thicken brows, alongside defining shape. Use with powder, pomade, or gel in a light sketching motion to create a hair-like effect.




Lip Brushes

Ensure precise and flawless application of your favourite lip products with these expertly-formulated lip brushes. Designed to pack on product and prevent colour from bleeding or fading, the small, firm heads are perfect for when technical-level application and laser-like precision are required.retractable-lip-brush








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