Celine Dion’s Paris Style Sensational Somersault

Celine Dion,49, has indeed transformed her style. Over the years, we have seen her dress. Simple dresses and shoes to match the concepts of her songs; she seemed to be quite simple. However, it seems something has twitched somewhere since she hit Paris. She seems to be having an awesomely terrific time.

Over the weekend, she was spotted in a pair of Givenchy black leather dungarees, complimented by a designed Giuseppe Zanotti white heels by the famous rapper, Kanye West, a snakeskin Hermès bag and a $1354 pair of sunglasses. All totalling $143,867.

She was graced with wide width sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt with a pair of pristine sneakers on Tuesday as she hit the streets.

The inner clothing out and outer clothing in craze is still on. Celine left Paris agape striking yoga poses at the entrance of her hotel. She was dressed in a pair of low drop-crotch pants, sneakers and a jacket resembling a short cut bathrobe.

Cacophonies are making symphonies and harmonies as wearing completely distorted colors and shapes seem to communicate just fine these days when properly coordinated.

Earlier, the 49-year-old singer was out with a pair of wide-leg pink floral suit with its jacket. She’s winning the hearts of the French who have even set a shrine outside their hotel window in her honor.


Her grand finale unveiled with her in a full length crocodile coat designed by Balmain, a lion printed long t-shirt with thigh-high brown leather suede boots, executing her look with black see-through sunglasses and a hat.


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