Some Of The Awful Dresses We Saw At The VGMA 2017 Red Carpet Were Made By This Designer 

There is no worst fashion design/ designer as such. Fashion innovations are more about experimenting new trends and identifying what is suitable for what ( THE OCCASION) and to be able to connect with the people in general. If majority do not find this attractive, that design/ designer is considered to be the worst.

The designer has  created highly impeccable haute couture designs for most celebrities on the red carpet and tons of bridal garments trending on the internet BUT this has being one of her tragic moments in her entire career as a designer. She fully costumed 4 celebrities for the same event and none of them I mean NONE was appropriate for the occasion. From poor draping of her fabrics to the finishing was just awful and uncalled for . 
Mind you this event was Music Awards And Not a charity ball gown event BUT what we saw were cartoon characters replicas especially that of Berla mundi and Bibi Bright . Those two outfits would have being perfectly done without the trains .
Designers should be able to assist their clienteles from choosing of designs , colours and what is appropriate for the client’s body size . The Award winning Ghanaian Designer SIMA BREW is the designer behind the creation of these highly 404 errors designs from the VGMA2017 Redcarpet. LADIES KINDLY REQUEST FOR A REFUND THATS IF YOU FULLY PAID FOR THE DRESS BETTER STILL KEEP IT FOR THE APPROPRIATE EVENTS TO COME . 

Drape Looks like Packed Second Hand cloth.
One Of My Favorite Among The Bunch But Inappropriate For The Event . #YouAreNotANominee

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