Chale Wote 2017 :What To Wear And What NOT To Wear !

Over the years we have witnessed both the good and awful in the way some individuals dress for CHALE WOTE. This year just like the previous years is geared towards a theme and this year’s theme is “WATA MATA  “

The event certainly encourages us all to bring our creative side to bear; this is evident in the way most people dress for this annual event.  Here are some hints on what NOT to wear to this year’s CHALE WOTE 2017


This is no high school reunion despite the fact that you will indeed meet some old pals and longtime friends; you should not be seen in your high school regalia.


In the past year, we experienced the rush of Dashiki. Yes it was a massive wave even the older generation fell in line. You should know that Dashiki is certainly out of fashion so please don’t consider a dashiki. Another reason is the likelihood that there will be a large number of people who might wear it, so to get you to stand out do NOT wear a dashiki no matter how tempting it might be.


Many at times we see so many individuals trying to colour block and it a disaster. This is a humble advice to all you who want to colour block please do it right and don’t mess it up.


we must stress on the fact that it is a street event so there will be a lot of walking, so therefore high heels are not ideal for this event .Gallant gowns is definitely a no go area. A street festival is indeed a place where most pictures are taken but do know very well it’s not a RED CARPET so gowns will and do not suite the occasion.

We don’t seek to discourage but We do want to state that We want you all to be creative in the clothes you plan on wearing and make sure you do stand out.


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