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Fashion School Riohs Originate Adapts Full Online Tuition Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Fashion School Riohs Originate Adapts Full Online Tuition Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Riohs Originate  has established itself as the ultimate Fashion
School in Ghana for providing excellent tuition in Fashion Design and Illustration in
Just   six months. The Company is credited and noted for starting the six (6) months.
course in Fashion Design and Illustration in Ghana some ten (10) years ago.

After the President of Ghana closed all schools and suspended public events to stop
the spread of coronavirus as a string of African nations imposed tighter restrictions to
stem the spread of the global pandemic; Ghana’s topmost fashion school, Riohs
Originate, have taken center stage shifting to online learning as the alternative in an
effort to slow the spread of the disease while ensuring that students stay on track.

In addressing clear engaging learning objectives, the school has broken learning into
smaller chunks and has included virtual meetings, live chats or video tutorials to
maintain a human connection with the students for them to get full value while away
from class.

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The students confirmed the process is excellent and has improved lecturer-students
relationship, the only setback the students had was lack of data. This is a novel
initiative by the institution. Data consumption was a concern for the students but in all
this, there is archiving of class activities for students to revisit with their tablets,
computers, and phones at their comfort. This initiative by Ghana’s best fashion school
winner, Riohs Originate, must be emulated by other fashion institutions in the country
to help learning process in this pandemic period.

The Company is expanding and impacting the lives of many Ghanaians who have
chosen Fashion Design as a career. Riohs Originate is the first Fashion School in
Ghana to provide a six months course in Fashion Design and Illustration has trained
notable personalities within the fashion industry both in Ghana and within the West
African sub-region who have successfully completed and set up studios providing
excellent services to numerous clients. Countless students each year now study
creative and visual arts at Riohs Originate since the Company is the preferred Fashion
School in Ghana.

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