It’s the end of another week and here are some of Instagram favourite beauty looks we’ve  seen this week.

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…🎊H A P P Y • B O R N D A Y • T O • M E!🎊… Dear Lord, THANK YOU for such a great year. THANK YOU for the tests and trials that have made me stronger and wiser in YOU. THANK YOU for your unmerited favor and constant grace over my life. When I failed tests, when I proudly went my own way, and gave into temptations you were STILL, ALWAYS there to pick me up. You've RESTORED me, REPLENISHED my spirit and RENEWED EVERYTHING around me I lost. There's not enough words to express my GRATITUDE. Thank you that your words are not JUST words but are filled with so much HOPE and PROMISE. I PRAY for a closer relationship with YOU, good health, good relationship, a sound mind, strength and prosperity in this coming year in Jesus name. AMEN!.🙏🏾… #HappyBorndayToMe #Thankful #Blessed #Faithwalking #TrustTheProcess #WatchGodWork #WaitOnIt #PutGodFirst #Faithbuilders #Growing #GodIsTheReason #NewYear #StayFocused #Elevation #WithGodAllIsPossible #PowerInPurpose #PieceOfPeace #lFocus #TheJourney #GodEngineered #HeIsUpToSomething #BirthdayBehavior #Kisses💋

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A man was walking,finds an EAGLES egg,He takes this egg & puts it into the nest of a backyard hen. Soon that EAGLE hatched with the chicks,grows up with them. Now all his life that EAGLE did what chickens did.He would poke around in the dirty looking for worms to Feed. He would fly into the air a few feets like chickens do, He'd Cluck around & as time passes HE grew very Old. And one day HE saw sometin above him,This thing it Glided gracefully and majestically thru the Clouds. "What's that" the EAGLE says "O That,that's an EAGLE" one chicken responds "He is the KING of all birds,The master of the skies BUT WE belong to the ground becos we are just chickens" "Don't worry about him, You will never be that" the chicken says.. AND the EAGLE lived & died a chicken bcos that is what he thot he was. TODAY it's time to take flight, You & me know that you don't belong where you are right now,You don't belong with some of the people you are around right now, You've got no business doing what you are doing right now. You're being a CHICKEN when you were born AN EAGLE. So now my Question is HOW LONG IS IT GONNO TAKE TO MAKE THE DECISION? TO MAKE THAT SHIFT? AND SHOW SOME COURAGE,SHOW SOME CHARACTER? CHARACTER IS THE ABILITY TO CARRY OUT A RESOLUTION LONG AFTER THE EXCITEMENT OF THE MOMENT HAS PASSED.. Are you gonno say you want to do something & you do it for 1week & Quit?like you did last year? You say you want to lose weight,Get your business off the ground,Get closer to GOD & then turn around and Party. "GET LIT",EAT LIKE CRAP & CONTINUE TO LIVE BELOW "WHO YOU WERE CREATED TO BE ..No no no no no no no I'm not trying to be religious BUT I'm going to take you to Church,Listen Up. THE WORD SIN COMES FROM THE GREEK WORD SIN USED IN ARCHERY. It means to Miss your MARK.To not be who you were created to be. To be a chicken when you were born AN EAGLE.Halleuyah!! See we all know not to be too Arrogant,Well most of us But how many of us know not to be too HUMBLE? Too MEEK, Too TIMID,TOO SHY,TOO SAFE? It's said that the greatest Tragedy in life is NOT THAT PEOPLE AIM TOO HIGH.IT IS THAT PEOPLE AIM TOO LOW AND HIT.-Frank ea #KINGTONTO #MAMAKING #RADIACL4JESUS #PAPI😘

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