12 Ways To A Healthy Body Preservation

In the strive to get a better, smoother and clearer skin, let’s take a moment to reflect on our day; the unhealthy foods we eat and other body or beauty reflected practices we neglect. With a comprehensive look, we discover how one can simply achieve the desired skin.

  • Breakfast as often said is the first and most important meal of the day. Skip not your breakfast and other meals during the day. Eat healthy and eat Right.
  • Hot showers are great on cold days. Hot showers are known to open the pores and cleanse them but avoid prolonged hot showers.
  • Ladies, have some consistent brands to use. Especially, when it comes to make up and body creams. Testing too many products is risky due to the chemical compositions and its reaction.
  • Great care needs to be taken in the application of hair and hair related products. Hair products should be used for hair. Avoid using hair products for your face.
  • Sleep is the only time all organs of the human body take some rest. Allow it enough time to rest so they may coordinate better for your productivity. Enough sleep is essential.
  • Waxing removes hair in one strip, but waxing too often weakens your root hair cells. This is as a result of the pressure and chemicals.
  • Keep your beddings neat and clean at all times. You do spend most of your night time on your bed, washing them regularly will rid them of sweat and other body secretions that come of your body when you sleep.
  • Exfoliation is the natural process where old and dead skin cells peel off and new ones are grown to replace them. Allow this process to be done naturally. Exfoliating too often the artificial way damages skin cells.
  • Exercise heats up the blood and ensures better circulation of the blood to the right organs which in turn reflect in a strong, clear and healthy skin. Exercise today.
  • Alcohol is good for the system thus it is produced naturally through the digestion of carbohydrates. However, too much drinking of alcohol does not allow your skin to be clear and healthy.
  • Avoid sleeping with make up on, the chemicals used in manufacturing of these products start reacting with your skin. Also, it stains your beddings.
  • Drink a lot of water. Water revitalizes your body and prevents dehydration.

Your skin is the only possession that cannot be taken from you, treat it right and feel it good. It is your treasure and wealth.

By : Prisca Woedem Abodakpi

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