Jermaine Bleu Spring Summer 2021

Manufacturing and selling clothing experts the fourth-highest pressure on natural resources, following housing, transport, and food. Regardless of the price range you have, it’s not too difficult to consider ways to change the way you value clothes, leading to a sustainable fashion lifestyle. Did you know that we as individuals can make simple choices to adopt a more sustainable style? Here are six ways you can go about it!

  1. To shift your wardrobe to a more sustainable one, you need to first take the time to learn about sustainability in fashion. It is important to know what it is, the problems it presents, and the significance of your contribution that encourages a solid decision of embarking on a journey of sustainability.
  2. Avoid brands that manufacture cheaply made fashion items and don’t make it clear what their supply chain is like. Only the factory worker who sews your clothes will cost less than the price, and fabrics used may be oil-based, like polyester. Choose sustainable brands, which can tell you how the product was made as well as where its components have been sourced from.
  3. Don’t treat clothes as disposable items, they are investments that will yield results if done right. Build a capsule wardrobe that you love and don’t follow trends. It is possible to mix and match these items to create numerous different looks. If you constantly seek pieces that come and go, you will accumulate piles of clothing that you may never be able to use again and may end up tossing out.
  4. Buying second-hand extends the life cycle of garments and benefits the environment dramatically. Although clothes that are not used are donated, you can find pieces you will fall in love with.
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