5 New Year Resolution for African Fashion Brands


As more people are beginning to understand fashion, the industry as well is growing exponentially.

This is resulting is fierce competition between various fashion powerhouses. Each fashion house wants a big chunk of the market.

This is in turn becoming difficult for newer and emerging fashion designers to get a satisfying piece of the market. Well, these strategies should help to grow your fashion business, especially in Africa.

Use of eCommerce platforms

You are losing out if you aren’t leveraging the power of e-commerce platforms. There is no doubt that this can help you to expand your fashion business. An e-commerce site like Jumia.com gets loads of traffic, and it’s a good place to start. If you don’t want that and you can start from local market-focused sites like Tonaton.com (Ghana), Jiji.com.gh (Ghana), Jiji.ng (Nigeria).

The power of social media

By now you should know that social media is a really powerful tool in the marketing world. With social media, you can truly engage with your customers and reel in potential clients. And that’s one thing customers really love – a company that engages its clients. It makes them feel a part of the company’s journey. Engaging with your clients on social media should be seen as a form of marketing.

Seasonal stocking

One thing you should know is that the fashion business is very seasonal. Keeping this at the back of your mind will go a long way to helping boost your fashion venture. People buy specific clothes during festive seasons like Christmas. Accordingly, you shouldn’t fail to stock your inventory ahead of times like Christmas, wedding seasons, summer, etc. Know the season and what people want to buy. You are sure to increase your sales with this strategy.

Expand product line

Everybody should get something befitting from your product lines. Thus, you would have to expand your lines to cover a bigger fashion taste. Even if you are into a particular niche, say bespoke men’s suit, you could cover younger people too – not just adults. As well, it should be okay to add a different product line that caters to women as well. You will be surprised that this has the potential of boosting your business.

Professional looking website
Last on the list is a professional-looking website. If you want fashion lovers to take you seriously, you should get a fast and responsive website. Your website must showcase your fashion collection. If you have the budget, you can add an e-commerce section to it.

Ready to boost your fashion business?
These few points should help any fashion designer looking to chock a sizeable piece of the fashion market. Share your thoughts and other points that weren’t listed here.

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