“Madame” – A Fashion Photography Editorial By Kenya Tay

“Madame”, inspired by the resolute spirit and unwavering strength of the woman, this series celebrates her multifaceted nature – from moments of profound grief to dazzling displays of glamour. In every frame, we capture the essence of “Madame” – the woman in charge, commanding attention with her poise and presence. She embodies resilience in the face of adversity yet exudes an undeniable grace and sophistication that transcends every circumstance.

Photo Credits:

Photographer and Creative Director: Kenya Tay (@iamkenyatay)

Makeup & Hair: Francis Yentumi Mensah (@shades_tones)

Model: Miriam Turkson (@_ohemaab)

Photo Assistant: Emmanuel Obuobi Bekoe (@obeimages)

Clothing: Paule Ka (@paulekaofficiel), Erika Cavallini (@erikacavallini_official)