The African Story Told In Braids, Directed By Bee Diamondhead,  photographed By AARTS Verrips


The hair craze has been on for centuries. Year after year, there is a new hairstyle and its origin, people and inspiration. Sometime back, it was big funky hair, hot thong pressed, stretched hair, Jerry curls, weave-on, braids and a whole lot more. That was in the days, what’s up now?

          In the latter parts of last year, we saw ‘queen B’, our very own Beyoncé with braids and beads at the end. If you ask me, I’ll say she has awakened the spirit of the aboriginal Africa. These braids are associated with a lot of cultures in Africa, now, these cornrows with beads at the tips. The cultures of southern, eastern and western Africa have had these braids in the past over the years but lost it due to ‘civilisation’ and imitation of foreign culture, but now, this same foreign culture has brought us back to ourselves.

          Today, we concentrate on Bee Diamondhead, a creative director who had collaborated with Mmuja healthy salon in Johannesburg, South Africa to celebrate the heritage and pride of Africa with unique hairstyles.


In these editorial, we saw a vital mix of both native and continental glory, represented by modern objects such as the denim, fur scarf, pullover jackets, chain beads and rings used in the hair coupled with the native hairstyles done and polished to perfection.

In the olden days, it would be said that these hairstyles told a story or truth, the question is do they still do? If you ask me, I’ll answer in the affirmative, but that’s my opinion, what about yours?


If someone said Africa just copies and has no culture or anything aboriginal, show them this and let them know we have a culture that’s our pride.

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