Australia Fashion Week Will See A Plus-Size Runway Next Month

For the first time ever in Australian fashion week’s 26-year history, plus-size clothing will have its own runway show.

In recent years, diversity has become a watchword for the fashion industry. A particular sticking point is size inclusivity at the upper end of the market. There are many designers in Australia who don’t make clothing larger than size 12 or 14.

Australia’s fashion week drew significant criticism when it failed to feature more plus-sized models last year.  Basjia Almaan, an artist and model who walked in several shows during the 2021 event, also spoke out.

The woman championing this is Chelsea Bonner, CEO of size-inclusive modeling agency Bella Management. She pitched the concept of a plus-size runway to IMG, the company running the Australian fashion week. Adaptive fashion for people with disabilities will also be featured in a separate show.

The Australian Fashion Week is going to run from May 9 to May 13 in Sydney.



Source: The Guardian

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