The Beauty Benefits Of Sperms On Your Face!


Women all over the world have been using non traditional method to achieve beautiful skin but here is a new unconventional way of getting a glowing and beautiful skin using sperm as a daily facial. Yes you read right, sperm!  That sticky liquid ejaculated by a sexually excited male. Yea yea I know what you thinking, but before you conclude you should know these first.


As an organic fluid, human semen is composed of lubricating proteolytic enzymes including lipids, acid phosphatase and citric acid which has exfoliating properties. Each 100ml of ejaculating contains an average of 500million sperm cells as well as calcium, chloride, citrate ,fructose, glucose, lactic acid(another dead skin exfoliant), magnesium, potassium, urea and zinc making it and all round  healthy compound

The semen facial is a 30-minute do-it-at-home routine.
Rub the fresh semen onto your face.
Leave it for around 20 minutes so that it’s completely absorbed by the skin.
Wash it off by dabbing your face with cold water.
Wipe your skin with fragrant wet tissues.


Semen is loaded with multivitamins and proteins.
It helps hydrate the skin and keep it cool.
It helps reduce the redness, irritation and blotchy skin caused by rosacea.
Experts claim it can also help slow down the ageing process of skin.
Body fluids are capable of transmitting STIs/STDs.
Semen allergy causes rashes and itching within minutes of contact with the fluid.
It’s loaded with testosterone, which can aggravate acne. So, those who have sensitive, oily skin and are prone to acnes must avoid this routine.
Make sure the donor doesn’t do drugs, smoke or consume alcohol at least six to seven hours before the donation.
Ensure the donor is in good sexual health. Consider using semen of a man who drinks a lot of water and indulges in physical activities.

Now what do you think after these details? Would you dare to try this routine?


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