Businesses Models Can Venture Into

As a model, you can venture into other businesses even as you are focusing on your modeling career. A perfect example is Sira Kante, an American-Guinean model who has ventured into beauty products.  There is a lot you could and here are some of them that are super easy to venture into. 

10 Businesses Models Can Do Alongside Modeling


Businesses Models Can Venture Into You can be the person they come to when a stylist is needed for a photo shoot or even a film. How a person’s outfit looks in a music video, photoshoot, movie, etc. is the work of a stylist.  


Acting // Businesses Models Can Venture Into

Modeling is basically acting. Thus, venturing into the film industry shouldn’t be a hard mountain to climb. A fair example is movie superstar, Angelina Jolie. She had a short stint in the modeling side before becoming a big-screen star.   

Model Management Agency 

Businesses Models Can Venture Into Running a model management agency is something you already know of. That is if you are not a freelance model. You can start a management agency for models and help other models, especially the upcoming ones, get gigs.  

Model Coaching 

Well, this is basically who you are. Being what you are taught should probably be the easiest. You already know it, so you teach it.   

Fashion Designer 

Businesses Models Can Venture IntoAlways wearing a designer’s outfits and showcasing them on the runway would definitely give some models the urge to start their own labels.   

Creative Direction

Businesses Models Can Venture IntoCreative direction turns ideas into reality, basically! Show a fashion show, a photoshoot, etc. looks like are all the brainchild of the creative director. Also, a creative director can be the head designer in a fashion house. Advertising campaigns, logos, and marketing strategies are all included in a creative director’s job depending on what firm and activity you’re into.   

Fashion Consultancy

You are already in the fashion industry. You wear a lot of outfits from plenty of designers. You get on different fashion shows. Why don’t you learn about the fashion industry enough to be a fashion consultant? You can help entities like fabric companies improve their work by advising them on what’s needed on the market and how to go about certain things.   


As a model, getting your image right is so important. With that, you can venture into photography itself if you are really fascinated by the work of photographers. Inspiration can be taken from Helen Christensen. She is a Danish supermodel and photographer. She is also a clothing designer and a former Victoria’s Secret Angel.  

Beauty Consultancy

Businesses Models Can Venture Into A vital thing in the modeling industry is your skin. If you are able to take care of your skin very well, you can offer advice on the do’s and don’ts for perfect skin. You can also offer advice on beauty products and how to use them.  

Fashion Blogging 

Businesses Models Can Venture Into Another field you can venture into as a model is fashion blogging. You would be writing pieces about fashion and style, fashion shows, outfits, anything in fashion. The fun part of this is you really don’t have to get a formal education for it. You just have to know your industry.   

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