The Fashion Industry is the solution to Single Use face Mask Pollution
Photographed by Armand Dicker Face Masks Garment by Viviers Studio

Since face coverings – disposable or reusable – are now mandatory to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, environmentalists are reporting that thousands of single-use masks are being discarded outdoors, causing blight and unsightly conditions in cities and towns.

Their biodegradability is poor, and when they do decompose, more microplastics enter the environment.  It does not make sense to wear face masks that create huge amounts of waste, but single-use masks do. 

What can we do and could the fashion industry be a solution?

3.4 billion face masks or face shields are discarded every day, according to a study. By disposing of these masks properly, wearing washable cloth masks if possible, and raising awareness about how much waste is produced, we can help to prevent litter.


We believe the fashion industry is the solution to this problem. With washable cloth masks, we will be able to eliminate disposable masks while also protecting ourselves. The ease at which washable cloth masks can be made makes them just as convenient as single-use masks. 


There were videos on the internet during the peak of this pandemic showing how to make washable masks for yourself, and by pushing them further into people’s faces we could beat this new pollutant. 

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