Crucial Facts To Know Before Getting Your Next Piercing

Piercings are some of the exciting ways of self-expression that enhance your personal style. It is however very important to be well-informed and prepared before getting one done.

Experiencing some unfortunate piercing mishaps can be disheartening and make you hesitant about getting more, even if you desire to. Before you go ahead with getting a piercing, here are some helpful tips to ensure you have a safe and beautiful piercing experience.


Know the piercing type you want to get

Before getting a piercing, make enough research on the specific type you are interested in. Make sure to have a proper understanding of the location, the procedure, the risks involved, and the aftercare requirements. This will help you make an informed decision.


Consider the healing time

It is crucial to consider the healing time associated with that specific area you are getting pierced. Some piercings take weeks to heal, while others may require months.


Choose a reputable piercer

It is always important to visit a professional when you want to get a piercing. Find an experienced professional piercer who has a good reputation and operates in a clean, sterile environment, and is knowledgeable about different types of piercings.

This is to ensure a safe procedure and prevent any infections.


Number of piercings per session

You can get multiple piercings done on the same day. It is however advisable not to get more than four piercings in a session especially if it is on the same ear. This is to avoid swellings and prolonged healing time.


Choose appropriate jewelry for piercing

Selecting the right jewelry is a crucial part of the piercing process. The jewelry should be the correct size and the right weight. Additionally, it should be something you are comfortable wearing for an extended period, as you won’t be able to change it until the healing process is complete.


Follow a proper aftercare routine

Aftercare is vital for the successful healing of your piercing. This includes keeping the piercing clean, refraining from touching it and avoiding premature removal of the jewelry. Additionally, prioritize good overall health by getting sufficient sleep, maintaining a balanced diet, and minimizing exposure to toxins.


By following these tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable piercing experience. Remember, it is crucial to consult with a professional piercer who can provide personalized advice and address any concerns specific to your situation.

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