Dealing With Social Media and Relationships

Social media can put a lot of stress on relationships these days .When you find yourself dating in today’s Instagram-Twitter-Facebook addicted world, you not so cautious but it affects your personal life. With all of the privacy of social media, it’s sometimes impossible not to think about the fact that your significant other might inappropriately like someone else’s photos on instagram or send them direct messages on Twitter.

Also,whether you admit it or not, if you are dating someone, you have thought about their social media habits and probably try to decipher who they really are from their posts and activities on there. You most likely will not get lucky for either you or your partner not to have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the likelihood of that happening is rare.

However,this modern era has embraced social media, making it inevitable in our lives. However, it is crucial know the areas where your partner falls short when it comes to matters relating to social media. It is better to be aware than in denial. There are ways to keep social media from ruining your relationship. To be psychologically healthy, we need some privacy and solitude. Even when we are in love, we need time alone with our thoughts and time with friends. We can’t be intimate  with a partner without being in touch with the innermost part of our private selves. And guess what? That means we need to leave our lovers alone with their thoughts and friends too. We don’t have the right to know everything they think. When we enter into a monogamous relationship, we could get exclusive rights to what are between our partner’s legs but not what is between their ears.

There is also the need to balance openness with privacy when it comes to social media.

  • Accept your spouse as a friend. Add your spouse on other social media platforms you belong to. Your spouse should be one of your best friends on your platforms. If not, you may be involved with the wrong person.
  • Don’t give out your passwords. Don’t give or ask for passwords for email or voicemail accounts. Privacy is healthy.
  • Share messages. Discuss or forward messages that impact the relationship such as correspondence with exes or from people flirting with you. The original version, no edits allowed.

Creation of network is important in all walks of life but pay particular attention with how you start or end conversations in order not to destroy a relationship you have spent years building.


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