Dear Glitz Sh** Awards

Every year around this time, we get dolled up to come and see you re-enact a boring old tale and frankly speaking I am tired. I am very tired because it is sad. I am very tired because when someone speaks up on these issues it is termed as hate. I am tired because if we don’t change, how will we be taken seriously?

Some of us work hard trying to build and contribute to the fashion industry in Ghana but this effort sometimes seems like a waste because others keep degrading the efforts by falsely projecting the Ghanaian fashion industry in an ill manner to the public.

As much as I don’t want to be termed a hater, i would rather be called that because I want things to get better and want the right things to be done.  Each year, we get a carved wooden thing, wedding decor, some cheap chops and a bunch of novices from the fashion business ,to go sit at some place to be fed with stupid fallacies about the fashion industry in Ghana.

Firstly, the fashion industry is a field of business that has more to it than a pageantry showbiz event and should not be left in the hands of KIDS who know very little about the business. I mean it’s like giving a puppy a $100 bill and expecting that they will see it for it’s value. No! To it, it’s a piece of paper, a toy so they treat it anyhow and might just rip it in the end. Must we project our industry in such a discourteous manner?

As a concerned player of this industry, it is only right to inform you that, your so called “Wedding Reception” type event and award scheme seems to be set up for your selfish interest. I have always wondered the criteria for winning an award is and who is the awards board and voting academy who have an 80% vote. The same people win awards all the time regardless of whether they deserve it or not and there are not enough categories for people who really need to be rewarded so PLEASE STOP IT! STOP TAGGING IT AS YOUR WAY TO HELP the fashion industry in Ghana because it’s appalling and silly. Stop misleading  the general public with your ignorance. What are we telling the world if from nominations to  ‘style choices’, everything reeks of bad choices .

Facts, 90 % of the people who are wrongfully awarded each year remain local champions in Accra. Yes! I said it. Take a close look at it, they don’t deserve it. Are we really celebrating talents or killing them?  Most of the people nominated are so ignorant of the fashion industry.They know nothing, from top designers to the fashion institutes in Ghana . Most of them, NOTHING! They rather attend this Akan drama only being interested in the chops and “slayage” not the aim of the event ( if it even has one ). They have avenues where they can promote our fashion industry but they don’t. Not many patronize our local designers and encourage their fans to do same,  YET YOU TAG THEM AS FASHION INFLUENCERS AND PERSONALITIES. Do you even understand the word  “influencers” ?

Proverbs 12:22,  “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight”.

Giving a piece of carved something to certain wrong individuals doesn’t determine the fate of the actual people doing the rightful things and are putting Ghana on the map, neither does it devalue their work. It rather shows your incompetence and questions your credibility. DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING?! We all know the award wedding decor display of a show is a money making machine but let us do it with some decency.

Finally to all creatives reading this , Kindly  be reminded that you are doing good and don’t stop pushing. Continue creating marvelous content that is and will be appreciated beyond the borders of this country. NEVER be discouraged because a bunch of IGNORANT people did not nominate you or award you. JUST SO YOU KNOW, they do not know what they are doing .

Romans 12:17, “Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.”

My Kindest Regards,

Lady S

  1. Well well well, at least someone agrees with me,a “fashion magazine” that doesn’t even know how to categorise well. Thank you for you this,I just hope they really read and learn and stop showing us what not to do.

  2. Honestly, it’s always the same old people I see all over and over again at this so called “style” awards. Inviting washed-up has-been “celebrities” and “influencers” to win the same thing again and again.

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