Deboanir Afrik Hosts Fit Style 2024

Debonair Afrik hosted the second edition of Fit Style 2024, a creatives networking and fitness event, at The Matrix Gym in Legon.

RESPECT, a natural vitamins and supplement producer, sponsored the event. It brought together industry creatives and fitness enthusiasts, with Chris Kata as the host.


Nana Amoako-Anin, founder of Bliss Yoga Accra, opened the event with a calming yoga session. This session prepared attendees for a panel discussion on “How To Balance Worklife With Fitness For Wellness”. Chris Kata moderated the discussion, joined by personal trainer and coach Joey Dawson and entrepreneur who doubles as a personal trainer Samuel Nkrumah. They discussed how to balance a busy work life with fitness and shared diet tips for tight schedules.


Next, Joey Dawson led an intense and fun aerobics session, followed by a full-body bodyweight workout that energized everyone.


Ankur Agarwal from Art of Living Ghana then guided attendees through breathwork, relaxation, and meditation to cool down. This calming session left everyone feeling a deep sense of peace and harmony.


The event ended with a giveaway from Respect Health, adding a final touch of excitement to a successful day.

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