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Debonair Afrik to Embark on SDGs Goal 12

Debonair Afrik to Embark on SDGs Goal 12

The world has seen its fair share of rapid growth, from climate change to environmental pollution; the fashion industry produces one of the world’s leading pollutants of the environment. Debonair Afrik through its STYLE LOUNGE WEEKEND is super excited to share its commitment and contributions towards the achieving of the SDGs goal 12 within the fashion industry in Africa, particularly committed to ensuring sustainable consumption and production in our fashion industry through the following ways.

  • Achieving economic growth and sustainable development
  • Advocating and embracing the concept of upcycling on a larger scale.
  • Doing more with less
  • Proper production ethics within the fashion industry
  • Responsible consumptions.
  • Propagating the relevance of ethical fashion and sustainable.
  • Educating both producers and consumers.



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As we encourage local production in Africa for Global Consumption, we pledge to propagate the      SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Goal 12. This is a conscious effort towards a decade of the sustainable fashion industry in Africa.

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