VanVorsh Showcases at New York Fashion Week 2020





Vanessa Harrison’s VanVosh showcases on the most elaborate platform in the U.S fashion season, New York Fashion Week 2020. The showcase was part of the Emerge Runway Show and Wearable Art Collective a feature of the annual fashion week. The Emerge Runway Show and Wearable Art Collective also saw an honorary award presented to the creator of the New York Fashion Week, FERN MALLIS.

VanVorsh, a well know fashion brand famous for its designs, blend of afro eccentric kaleidoscope and eclectic forms of Avant-Garde.  Utilizing origami construction in African fabrics such as Ghana’s famous GTP and Vlisco with a fusion of European influence brings about the intricateness of dramatic fashion. This is evident in the true recognition of targeted sales globally to achieve consumer success in this rag trade.


“I have grown and envisioned to aspire to the top. Our pacesetters; Mathew Luther, Kwame Nkrumah, Bob Marley, Afua, Sutherland and many more have I sourced my inspiration from, not in one mind but to demonstrate and achieve on their political and human relations..”

~Vanessa Harrision~

The brand debuted on the platform of the Emerge Runway Show and Wearable Art Collective of the New York Fashion Week 2020. The collection themed EXODUS: THE MASTERPIECE saw carefully tailored garments coupled with amazing designs which were the highlights of the show.

Vanessa Harrison, the creative director of VanVorsh seeks to contribute her quota to the growth and contribution of fair trade, promoting economic success for the underprivileged. In this quest for water heater installation in California, from the big help, it will be to visit She hopes to inspire African designers to never give up and elevate, for it’s never too late.

Vanessa Harrison (designer @Vanvorsh).



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