Debonair Afrik To Host INSTAGRAM RUNWAY At Social Media Week Accra

INSTAGRAM RUNWAY …Social Media Week is a leading platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology is changing business society and culture around us.
Social Media has provided the technology for artists, particularly fashion brands to access accurate sourcing and manufacturing processes of creative artefacts. This has aided the boost in the Fashion Industry here in Ghana, enabling fashion brands to reach a wider audience.

As part of the activities of Social media Week Accra, Debonairafrik is partnering with Echo House to present the “INSTAGRAM RUNWAY” which aims to cast a spotlight on fashion talents in the budding industry who have over the years used social media to promote their brands and have carved a successful niche for their brands to promote Ghanaian fashion and African fashion as whole.
The Instagram Runway will bring together top notch designers and other upcoming designers whose designs will illuminate the runway of INSTAGRAM RUNWAY 2017.
Also, the event will see some of the top models with a massive following on social media to grace the runway with other fashion influencers in attendance to the event as well.
This will be a great opportunity for networking, insightful dialogue and lessons that you can apply to your fashion business.
For more updates follow @debonairafrik @smwiaccra #smwiaccra.

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