The conversation around ethical and sustainable fashion includes jewelry brands that we have recently seen a rise. This carved-out niche has gained a lot of attention lately from industry persons and consumers who believe that promoting a sustainable culture around what we wear would make a huge impact in the world we live in. These brands see the need to infuse quality and beautiful design with ethical missions and visions and deliver without fail.

The African-owned ethical jewelry brand Kaalag from Cote d’Ivoire has its collection characterized by polished and textured finishes, draping earrings, asymmetric designs, and combinations of uneven shapes that would compliment the clientele with both warm and neutral undertones.

The necklaces showcase polished finishes and gilding, with solid riveting and a recurring motif of recycling and repurposing – since they could be styled into arm jewelry as well, using the toggle closure.

The looking for jewelry that you can get by with every day or for that special occasion? Consider ethical jewelry brands because your purchase affects the environment

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