When it comes to fashion, there are mainly three types of people. Those who have no interest in it and hence are not considered for the purpose of this post. There are also those who have the interest but do no justice to it. And finally there are the ones who have the interest and wear it well. Nene Kabutey (Martin Kabutey Adjovu), a Ghanaian model and a socialite based in the United States of America, is part of the latter group who know their stuff and wear them well. He is no stranger to wearing the finer clothes, colognes and playing around with name brands when it comes to fashion.

His interest in fashion piqued at a very tender age with him paying keen attention and learning all the steps on the run way from his neighbors who were modeling coaches. This triggered the commencement of a modeling career which started at a young age in Ghana. He has had the opportunity of working with top designers in the Ghanaian fashion industry such as Afri Ken Novelty, Ish Ghana, Couturier Anane (Formerly Kwaku Anane Design), Wala by Sheila Hammond and Zack Creations just to mention a few. When it comes to fashion, Nene Kabutey has created his own niche that works perfectly for him. Today, thanks to this niche, he can boast of working with world class fashion designers and models as well.

“Sometime back, slim fit male modeling was not very common in the Ghanaian fashion setting. It was only peculiar to the western world (Paris, London, New York, Milan, LA and other places). But today credit can give to slim fit male models in Ghana such as Richmond Ekow Barnes, who are doing extremely well on the African continent. Also to the guys who have taken the dare to be stylists and even makeup artists I salute them all. Gone were the days when these kinds of jobs were only classified as ‘for females only’ and no male showed interest in them. Now Ghana can boast of not only having males working in these capacities, but also as being some of the very best in the industry.”

When it comes to entertainment, he’s a mogul in the making. He currently is the host for “Entertainment Style Zone” on Lunch Box which airs on the campuses of Texas Southern University and its surroundings in Houston Texas in the United States. He’s also the Publicist/Events Coordinator for Global Arts Entertainment based in Houston Texas and recently had one of his recording artistes G Chillz release his debut single “She Can Get it” which has been trending on iTunes, Google play and other music outlets. He tells us that 2016 is going to be a great year for Global Arts as well because their producer Weldon Armelin (Prince R) who thrives on hard work and determination.

Not only does he flourish in the entertainment industry, he also is a motivational speaker and an advocate for youth empowerment. He loves to promote positive and energetic communication between people and loves to network. Regarding his lifestyle, he has developed an aura that suits his personality and is working on drawing more attention to himself.


In addition to his already busy schedule, he’s currently a junior in Texas Southern University studying Communications (Broadcast Journalism) and an honor roll student. The pursuit of education is one of his strong goals for the future. “People think being in the media translates one lacks education, but I refuse to buy into that.” He believes in hard work, success and anything positive that helps an individual grow in diverse ways. He believes that everyone has a different path and hence he has decided to stay true to his and strive to be the best he can be for himself.

Though he’s already known in the Ghanaian entertainment circles and also as a socialite, Kabutey said “I won’t stop, can’t stop and I’m not stopping till I feel I have achieved enough for myself”.

Photographer: Quincy Asephua Photography

Creative Director: Nuelbans

MUA: Afroface.Mua

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