Fashion Schools in Ghana are Raising Tailors not Fashion Designers?

It’s just like a carousel every year where over 1000 students graduate from fashion schools in Ghana into the Fashion Scene and after their first year as graduates, they all vanish into the thin air as nothing happened after paying huge sums of money in fashion institutions. Not to say they are not doing well  but only a handful are able to penetrate into the fashion scene

Unlike Togo, Benin and other African countries that have no fashion schools in their country, Ghana is populated with over 15 known Major fashion schools in its capital, Accra.


However, there seems to be a growing trend of breeding only “ fashion designers annexe tailors “ into the system . Forcing the students to adapt to a certain style of sewing or designing even if it is not their interest. some of their students barely know what a mood board is or who is a fashion buyer or merchandiser.

Although you might like the idea of designing clothes, you may realise that your pattern-cutting skills are awful and so an alternative fashion career may be better suited. But that’s no cause for concern. In fact, in such a widespread industry, there are hundreds of jobs to choose from – and you’re bound to find one that suits your skills and personality.

Also fashion schools should know better that not everyone can be a fashion Designer after their completion and thus other fashion career courses should be introduced into the system or their school’s curriculum. The fashion industry has a large landscape that demands other skills and qualifications to grow the fashion industry and not only to be a designer. it’s however dishearting that most fashion schools are only interested in the monies and not the well being of these students who entrust their future in their hands.


The current system, however, leaves most of its students perturbed after graduating and ends up as tailors and Not designers Tailors not designers in the sense that, they are unable to express their creative freedom in their works and thus end up joining the system of copying trends instead of setting or creating trends as designers. In other areas, there remains a significant gap between the expectations of these students vis-à-vis their actual experiences while in school and after graduation. Because they were not introduced to the actual cutting edge in the industry .

In my line of work and having to attend many Graduate shows , most of the graduants barely have an idea of their creation or ideas . Some are not able to simply define their collection or inspiration. Then it comes to mind if we are really raising a generation of fashion movers or raising a generation of false dreams.

Moving forward , fashion schools should be able to introduce new courses into the system . Here are fashion careers every student can decide to take on: Fashion stylist, fashion writers, illustrators, fashion buyers, sales representatives, fashion researchers, trend casters, E-commerce Manager, fashion Pr, Fashion digital marketers. Fashion journalist etc Fashion is not limited to “fashion Designing “ find your passion , get to know the various fashion careers and what you will be good at, intern with fashion firms and finally Attend fashion workshops or clinics . Not everything is taught in the classroom  thus fashion knowledge is essential

Be an innovator and not a Copier

  1. Adding on, I think fashion schools should have an introductory course that breaks down every sect of the fashion industry. This way students will get to know and understand and also pair themselves to what tickles their interest the most.
    A lot of people are interested in fashion but fashion design seems to be what is immediately thrown at them so they just follow suit.

  2. That’s the truth paaaa
    I can’t talk for others but I some of us are working on projects just to gain admission to school again
    Been to two different fashion schools …
    One was focused on the technical know how …and not the other aspects of fashion ….styling , merchandising etc
    And the other thought all the above including entrepreneurship, idea development,illustration and psychology…::
    So one person completes school and can’t even create mood boards and work from inspiration but can sew perfectly….
    Another completes with all the know how’s but can’t construct or draft a garment ….I still have mates who can’t sew….the question then is ….what next after the certificate?
    If there was a way to restructure the very foundation of our educational system…I think it will help ……

  3. Your Comments is obvious all fashion schools in ghana are training tailors of course. you will go to a fashion school and they teach you nothing only finishing and they expect you to do the rest on your own,how if I have the idea of doing on my own wouldn’t have wasted that huge money only to come and study how to stitch and finishing.

  4. This is really true and we pray our fashion school adopt and introduce more and new course.
    With this,,,,our industry will be a BLOOOOO

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